Ageing rural communities: experiences and consequences of uneven demographic processes


Andrew Maclaren, University of Aberdeen and the James Hutton Institute

Lorna Philip, University of Aberdeen          

Mags Currie, James Hutton Institute



Rural communities across Europe and beyond are ageing as a result of a complex interaction of demographic and socio-economic processes.  Rural demographic ageing is spatially uneven at local, regional, national and supra-national scales.  The consequences of rural demographic ageing are many and varied with implications for individuals, households, and communities both local and national.  Some rural areas are demographic ‘winners’ with vibrant, active older communities.  Others are demographic ‘losers’ where ageing is associated with increasing socio-economic fragility. In this Working Group we hope to assemble a series of papers to continue the critical exploration and interest scholars and practitioners have in rural demographic ageing in all its diversity.


Scholars of demographic ageing utilise a variety of theoretical and methodological standpoints and this working group welcomes all approaches that reflect these diverse perspectives and that might explore:

  1. Processes and patterns of rural demographic ageing
  2. Considerations of past, present and future policy, related to demographic ageing
  3. Reflections on everyday lived experiences of rural demographic ageing
  4. Wider implications of rural demographic ageing.