The Local Organising Committee

Prof. Krzysztof Gorlach - chair of the Local Organizing Committee

Krzysztof Gorlach - currently, he is a professor of sociology at the Institute of Sociology at the Jagiellonian University. His research area covers rural development, sociology of farming as well as social movements issues. He has participated in numerous research projects both national and international ones. Among the latter one has to point out: CORASON (6 Frame Project, a head of the Polish national team), GLAMUR (7 Frame Project, a member of the external board of experts) and currently SUFISA (Horizon 2020, member of the Polish national team). Ha also received several international fellowships including: The Kościuszko Foundation Fellowship (1990), Cambridge and Oxford Colleges Hospitality Scheme for East European Scholars (1995), Fulbright Senior Research Fellowship (1996/1997), Andrew W. Mellon Senior Visiting Fellowship (2003). He visited several foreign academic and research institutions, namely: University of Wisconsin-Madison (USA), Harvard University (USA), Oxford University (UK) and Institute for Human Sciences in Vienna (Austria). He has been a member of ESRS since 1983. He served as a member of ESRS Executive Committee in the years 1999 – 2003 as well as a member of Scientific Committee of the XXIV ESRS Congress in Chania (Greece).

Prof. dr hab. Mariola Flis (full professor, vice-rector of the Jagiellonian University)
Dr hab. Marcin Lubaś (associate professor, director of the Institute of Sociology)
Dr hab. Stanisław Sorys (Deputy Head of the Regional Authority of Małopolska)
Dr hab. Piotr Nowak (associate professor at the Institute of Sociology)
Dr hab. Wiesław Gumuła (associate professor at the Institute of Sociology)
Prof. dr hab. Jarosław Górniak (full professor, Dean of the Department of Philosophy)
Dr Aleksandra Wagner (assistant professor at the Institute of Sociology)
Dr Marta Warat (assistant professor at the Institute of Sociology)
Dr Anna Szwed (chief PR officer at the Institute of Sociology)
Mgr Konrad Stępnik